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President's Message

On behalf of the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association (VFCA), the Executive Board and all of our members, I would like to welcome you to our website. I hope this site serves as a valuable resource to exchange information with our valued members, fire service organizations and the public. 

It is my honor and privilege to serve as President of the VFCA for 2016. On behalf of the entire Executive Board and staff of the VFCA, we promise to provide service and support to our members and our fire service partners.

As we continue growth and expansion of the association, this year promises to be a year of great importance and significance for the VFCA. We plan to strengthen and expand our educational programs, increase our legislative influence, and maximize our outreach to grow membership in the VFCA across the Commonwealth.  We will further engage our Vice Presidents to demonstrate leadership in all areas of our activities, and in furtherance of our association goals.

The VFCA is committed to promoting excellence in the fire service by offering educational, legislative, and networking opportunities to our diverse membership and partner stakeholders. The VFCA sponsored Virginia Fire Officer Academy, Chief Officer 101 and Chief Officer Academy programs are inspiring the next generation of Fire and EMS leaders. I encourage you to take advantage of programs and activities provided by the VFCA, and to forge new relationships with your fellow professionals throughout the fire service.

We need support from every fire service member in Virginia to continue advancing the VFCA core competencies of leadership, education, and advocacy. I encourage you to become a member of the VFCA today and join us in supporting the Commonwealth’s fire-rescue community.    

Yours In Service,

Chief Pat Dent





Mission Statement

The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association, (VFCA) serves the communities of Virginia through its fire service leaders and advances the Fire & Rescue service through leadership, education and advocacy.


History and Purpose of VFCA

(Formerly SFCAV)

The State Fire Chiefs Association of Virginia, Inc., was organized in 1930 by progressive Fire Chiefs who saw the need to work together for the betterment of the fire service. The Association's original purpose was to work for the promotion of fire prevention, protection from and extinguishments of fires, and attendant reduction of insurance rates. The Association proposed to accomplish this by bringing into closer contact the various Fire Chiefs in the Commonwealth for their mutual benefit and welfare. Among the first matters discussed in 1930 were the need for a State Firemen's School, the Firemen's Pension Bill, and a Model Arson Law.

The Association has continued to grow through the years and its goals have broadened to keep pace with the challenges. Today, the Association's stated purpose is to bring together at least once a year persons interested in the advancement of the fire service; to discuss ways of improving life-saving and fire extinguishments procedures; to assist in research studies; to serve as the recognized organization for the exchange of ideas, information, knowledge and experiences affecting the safety of life and property from fires; to encourage and assist in the development of public education in fire prevention programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia; to cooperate with all organizations in the promotion of the goals and objectives of the fire service; and to support and encourage the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services by the fire service to relieve human suffering.

In 2002, the SFCAV changed its name to become the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association in order to facilitate searching capabilities on the Internet and a more direct identification similar to other organizations throughout the United States.